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  • author ( 25, bisexual woman | Kansas City, MO, USA )

    It be great to know each other over brunch and see where the day takes us from there, Hopefully there will be many more dates,

  • author ( 52, bisexual woman | Renton, WA, USA )

    Depending on the weather, either a scenic hike with lunch to follow, or an evening browsing a bookstore before a candlelight dinner.

  • author ( 27, bisexual woman | Evanston, WY, USA )

    I love breakfast but I never seem to get up quite early enough to go to breakfast so 10 am brunch would be perfect!

  • author ( 26, bisexual woman | Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia )

    Meet at a nice restaurant or cafe for breakfast, lunch or brunch. A place that's not to loud so we can talk, get to know each other, just hang out and be ourselves. I'd bring you flowers or something. It'd be low-key but...  see more >>

  • author ( 52, lesbian | Antioch, CA, USA )

    I described in my profile my wishes so if we go to hang out then we are already ahead of this and will have fun getting to know each other in person. Cheers

  • author ( 70, lesbian | Virginia Beach, VA, USA )

    I would like to have a casual brunch at a small diner so that we could be able to talk to one another and be somewhat relaxed.

  • author ( 42, bisexual woman | Dallas, TX, USA )

    Will have to be decided between the two of us. I'm personally more off a spares of the moment type. Of person. I like to eat many different types of food so it shouldn't be hard to make a decision.

  • author ( 26, lesbian | South Croydon, England - London, GBR )

    Picnic?...probably not actually it's england, due to rain Maybe a nice meal Or some drinks Or watch shrek and eat in..f*ck knows

  • author ( 56, bisexual woman | Philadelphia, PA, USA )

    Our ideal meeting; brunch, having great conversation about life, nothing strenuous. I'd love to tease you about putting your body on the table and taking every piece of clothing off for the world to see my MASTER piece...  see more >>

  • author ( 53, lesbian | Austin, TX, USA )

    Well, my first date would be to have a great brunch in a place that has awesome ambiance; like Fonda San Miguel. Then we would go catch a good movie somewhere or perhaps take a boat on the lake.

  • author ( 53, lesbian | Lexington, MA, USA )

    "Date" isn't the word I'd use to describe my girlfriend and I meeting someone out for the first time for ...maybe...brunch. But that seems to be the only word allowed by this website. Maybe brunch in Davis Squa...  see more >>

  • author ( 30, lesbian | Charleston, SC, USA )

    Come pick me up when i get to the car open the door then cloae it behind me.....when we get to the restuant open the doors and pull out my chair

  • author ( 50, bisexual woman | Hubertus, WI, USA )

    I think that a casual quiet environment is great, that we may talk and get to know each other...maybe brunch or coffee/your beverage of choice.

  • author ( 63, lesbian | Lincoln Park, NJ, USA )

    reading a profile certainly doesn't sum up anyone...meeting for a drink..lasting into dinner is a good sign..want to meet again.. is a sure plus!!!

  • author ( 27, lesbian | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    Who doesn't want to get to know me while I'm eating pancakes? I love food and when the day still feels young. Sounds like the perfect setting to actually be able to talk to someone and really get to know them. Does tomor...  see more >>