Super Excited :D First Lesbian Experiences

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    Hi all,

    I’m super excited that I had found my true love. She was my best friend and recently we came to know that we are more than friends. Actually, from the beginning itself, we are attracted to each other, but both of us are afraid to confess. Everything had changed quickly. Last week we went for a dinner and after that, we were having casual chit chats. She started to tease me with my body language and I hold both of her hands. We shared an intense look, that’s the moment. She started kissing on my lips and I kissed her back. At that moment we realised that we are made for each other and we opened up our hearts. Now I’m the happiest girl in the world. We are planning to do for a date next week. This was the first date after she became my official love. I’m super excited and tensed. I don’t know how to impress her. Now my main hobby is searching tips for the first date and I’m getting ready for the date as per the tips provided in that article ("> ). Since she is my best friend, she knows all my needs and routines. So I’m a little nervous to start a conversation with her. How should I show my feelings and affection towards her? Are there any limits for showing my intimacy towards her? Any thoughts? Kindly share your first dating experiences and tips.

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