Looooong distance Lesbian Troubles

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    So I'll give you a bit of background first.I have a gf and she's beautiful and amazing and we have been going out 3 yrs which I hear is like 10 in lesbian years.Anyway she is the first girl I have every been with.Its not because I have been attracted to girls and I've hid it,I truely wasn't attracted to any girls before now and it just happened with her,it felt so natural.Anyway she has now had this amazing job opportunity come up in the states and its like once in a lifetime opportunity and she needs to go for it.Now I would never tell her not to go even though in my heart it aches but I could never say don't go because she needs to.But now shes like debating it and thinking about not going.Should I break up with her so to make the decision easier or what should I do.I can't go(I totally would normally)because I am a junior doctor and I need to complete my training.I just dunno what to do!Shes not strong like me to just leave me.Agh Help...Its so much more complicated than a guy,I just dunno what to do.

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    I just had my girlfriend of 6 years breakup with me because she needed to move across country and didnt think it would be good for me. This decision was not hers to make nor should it ever be. Your girfriend needs to make this decision for herself. 

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