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    This past Thursday, I lost a dear friend.no, she isn't dead but she did cut me off. She's a "straight" woman, but say some pretty questionable things to me when we're drunk. So anyways there is this woman I use to have a thing with.much older, fit, successful, intelligent and down right sexy! Thinking about her drives me nuts even though she's no good for me. She recently came into town and my friend can't stand her! (Idk if it's because she's an asshole or she's jealous of how she drives me nuts) I had plan to meet my friend for drinks before she leaves town for her anniversary with hubby. I told my friend I was going to link up with my cougar before I met her for drinks she cursed me out and cut me off and won't return any of my text or phone calls.mind you I had bring her coffee earlier that day so we saw each other. Idk what to say, I can't get her off my mind and my hearts broken. I think I may love her more than I thought. Ohhh what to do? !�

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    time heals all wounds. and if she ever loved you, she would eventually come back around because she'll be missing you too.

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